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In my free time I’m usually working on any of the numerous projects I constantly come up with while highly caffeinated (none of which being the project I’m sure my husband would like me to get to first – like organizing our garage haha) or I can often be found spending time at one of the local bars near our house having a beer or two. Then there’s our fur child, Whiskey, a 6 year old stray that claimed her spot as princess in our household fairly easily.

My goals and aspirations for our team all derive from my desire to build something meaningful and connect genuinely with people. I look forward to growing the company over the years and hopefully bring a quality service to our local community, and build a badass team of hardworking people looking to have some fun.

a creative entrepreneur

to me "drink responsibly" means don't spill it.



Hi, i'm steph

Our team and I look forward to being a part of your special event and cannot wait to party with you!

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New to the area, we offer bar and event staff services to Dallas, Fort Worth and surrounding areas. Fully insured and reasonably priced, we offer a variety of customizable experiences, always focusing on being professionally fun!

Just starting our journey officially in 2018, we are constantly growing and learning how to better serve our clients, dedicated to making your next event a successful and fun one! Our mission is to provide consistent and reliable service with professional and fun bartenders. With some of the top bartenders in the DFW area, we’re ready and can’t wait to be a part of your special occasion.


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If you are interested in joining in this party as a golfer, volunteer, or a sponsor, please check out our Swing Your Wood Site for more information. 

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Sometimes we like to be the host too, and when we throw a party EVERYONE is invited!

One event we have started to grow is our Annual EWS Swing Your Wood Charity Golf Tournament. Starting in 2018, we hope to kick up year three summer of 2021 (dang you COVID19 for messing with our Father's Day plans for 2020!)

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swing your wood

In our first two years, we raised over $2k for the Wounded Warrior Project + North Texas Warrior Golf Association. We hope to grow that number over the years while we build up our tournament. Focused on fun, we look to bring friends, old and new, together for one full day of shit-talking, cold beers, golf, cute girls, and CHARITY!